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Established on October 26th, 2009, PT Trimitra Trans Persada (TTP) started its business as a car rental company. From the car rental company, the growth of PT TTP transforms its business into land logistics transportation on May 16th, 2016. Then, PT TTP reintroduced the brand as B-Log on 2019, a logistics company that offers an extensive goods transportation service. As a logistics company, B-Log strives to create, develop, and improve added value for the customer.

We see ourself grow as an integral part in Indonesia's supply chain industry. We are committed to performing the best business practices in supply chain activities that will leverage the quality of Indonesia’s supply chain.

We value speed, perfection, integrity, creativity, innovation, and efficiency.

Supported by more than 2000 fleet, our coverage is over 70% of Indonesia

Our Distribution Points are Designed to Maximize Efficiency & Cut Cost

Improving productivity is one of the biggest challenges that most company faces. When managed correctly, logistics can be a critical factor to minimize expenses.

All these years, B-Log plays a key role in increasing productivity, saving time, and meeting business objective. We do not only manage and operate a logistics function, but we also show you how to achieve success through a combination of technology and operational excellence.

B-Log focuses on driver & fleet management to drive down the logistics cost and achieve an operational excellence. B-Log has over 32 distribution points in 25 cities all over Indonesia.


Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Cianjur, Cikokol, Cileungsi, Serpong, Karawang, Bandung, Serang, Parung, Balaraja, Cikarang, Plumbon, Tegal, Semarang, Klaten, Jember, Pasuruan, Surabaya, Malang, Medan, Makassar, Bali, Lombok.

A Proof of Our Dedication

B-Log has been proudly awarded "The Best Customer" by Mitsubishi Fuso for 2 consecutive years since 2017 until 2018.